Facebook Hacking Software

Warning:- Post is for education purpose only. lf your intention is to hack anyone's account after reading this post then please leave now. Any illegal activity done after reading this post will not be entertained.
Many people were asking on how to hack facebook account This tool is design to hack any facebook account you want with 2 simple steps. Specify the username and the pass list and let it work, it can also be called as dictionary attacker, that matches all dictionary words with your original placed password.This is quite interesting because this tool is developed by taking URL as m.facebook.com i.e why its not showing CAPTCHAwhen attack is in progress .It will hack that account and give you the pass.And for some nOOBs who say that it doesn't work. Well it works but it need times between each attemd to login otherwise it will
become a faceboozfreezer.
Prevention Tip:- Do have a strong 8 above [charader+digit+special] like (r@hu7) character password that are hard to find in dictionary. Talking an example if your password is "Mango* then you will be cracked.

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I really don't understand how to do this. What password list are you talking about?